OPGW Fittings

Main Application

The Hardware Fittings and Accessories are designed as the connection among the optical fiber cable and tower. It can carry the mechanical and lightning load.

Product types

Suspension assembly, Tension assembly, Link fittings, Vibration Damper, Downlead Clamp, Cable Tray, Aircraft Warning Spheres, Repair Rods, Preformed Bird-Scaring and so on.

Application standards

Design and test standard: IEC 61284, IEC 61897, IS 2486, etc.


Ultra-high Voltage: AC 1000kV, DC ±1100kV

Ultra-long Span: 2,756m

Ultra-low Temperature: -60℃

Ultra-heavy Ice Load: 60mm


Type test issued by KINECTRICS, CEPRI, SECRI etc.