Main Application

It is mainly used in transmission lines, which combines the functions of grounding and communications.

Product types

Stainless steel tube OPGW, Al-clad stainless steel tube OPGW, Al tube OPGW etc.

Application standards

Design and test standard: ITU-T G.652~G657; IEC60793; IEC 61232; IEC 60104; ASTM 398M; ASTM B415; IEC 61089; IEC 60794; IEEE 1138; IEC 61395


Ultra-high Voltage: 1000kV, ±1100kV

Ultra-long Span: 2,756m

Ultra-low Temperature: -60℃

Ultra-heavy Ice Load: 60mm


Type test issued by KINECTRICS, KEMA, CEPRI and TICW