Main Application

It is mainly used in overhead transmission lines, playing the essential role of electricity carrying and transmission.

Product types

Conventional conductors: AAC, AAAC, ACSR, ACSR/AW, AACSR, AACSR/AW

Low loss conductors: ACAR, LL-ACSR

Up-rating conductors: Invar Conductor, Gap Conductor, ACSS, ACSS/AW, TACSR, TACSR/AW

Application standards

Design and test Guide: IEC 61089, IEC 62004, BS EN 50182, ASTM B232, ASTM B399, AS3607, AS1531, etc.


Experience: over 1,400,000 tons online operation.

Voltage: AC(10-1000kV);DC(±400-±1100kV)

Cross sectional area: up to 1235mm2

Large span: up to 2756m

High altitude: up to 5300m

Ultra-low temperature: -60℃


Bare overhead conductors: KINECTRICS, SAG, CEPRI, SECRI