Railway Signal Cable

Main Application

Mainly used in data information transmission in railway rolling stock and other bullet train.

Product types

Polyolefin foam insulation cable: AC 300/500V

Application standards

IEC 61375, TJ/CL 313, EN 45545, DIN 5510


Characteristic impedance: 120±12Ω

Attenuation: - MVB 1.5MHz≤ 1.5dB/100m

Attenuation: - MVB 3MHz≤ 2.0dB/100m

Attenuation: - MVB 1MHz≤ 1.0dB/100m

Attenuation: - MVB 2MHz≤ 1.4dB/100m

Oil performance: Mineral oil and fuel resistance

Min. permissible temperature: -40°C

Fire performance: low smoke halogen free fire retardant

Min. bending radius: 5D