Conductor Fittings and Link FIttings


Main Application

The hardware fittings and accessories are designed as the connection among the conductor, optical fiber cable, tower and insulators. It can carry the mechanical and electric load.

Product types

Suspension clamp, Strain clamp, Link fittings, Splicing fittings, Protective fittings, Guy wire fittings and so on.

Application standards

Design and test standard: IEC 61284, IEC 61854, IEC 61897, IS 2486, BS 3288 etc.


Voltage: AC(1000kV); DC(±1100kV)

Tensile Strength of tension clamp: Max 1227.663kN

Largest span: 1967.48m

Temperature: Min -60℃

Heavy ice: 60mm

High altitude: Highest altitude 5300m


Conductor fittings and link fittings: KEMA, KINECTRICS, BV, CESI, VEIKI, EETI, CEPRI, SECRI etc.