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Coaxial cable

ZTT is an experienced and reliable manufacturer and supplier of all series of cables for mobile communications, with the capacity of manufacturing 80,000 km radio frequency cables, 10,000 km leaky coaxial cables, 13,000km railway digital signal cables, 15,000 km high temperature cables and accessories per year, and has the ability to satisfy different customers’ requirements with quickest delivery time.


Design & Construction

Coaxial cable includes RF cable, leaky cable, railway signal cable and high temperature cable.

-Radio frequency cable has the construction of inner conductor (copper tube, copper-clad aluminum, etc.), foamed polyethylene insulation, outer conductor (annual or helical corrugated copper tube), finally to be covered by PE or LSZH jacket.


-Leaky cable has the construction of inner conductor (copper tube, copper- clad aluminum, etc.), foamed polyethylene insulation, outer conductor (corrugated copper tube milling groove or punched copper foil), finally to be covered by LSZH jacket.


-Railway signal cable has the construction of conductor, insulation (polyethylene or polyolefin), shielded with metallic screen (metallic tape or composite tape) according to requirements, finally to be covered by extruded outer sheath (armored or unarmored).


-High temperature cable has the construction of inner conductor, fluoroplastic insulation, braided outer conductor, and finally to be covered by FEP or LSZH outer sheath.


Reference Standards

The cables which ZTT offered are designed, manufactured and tested according to international standards of IEC series (such as IEC 61196, IEC 60332, etc.) and also can be manufactured according to customers’ requirements.

Types & Purposes

  • ZTT can provide different cables for customersdifferent applications, offering safe and reliable prod…

    -ZTT RF cable is widely used in antenna transceiver systems of various wireless base stations.

    -ZTT leaky cable is mainly used in signal transmitting system of closed premises like railways, tracks, tunnels and so on.

    -ZTT railway signal cable is widely used in the construction of railway, subway, high-speed rail and other areas.

    -ZTT high temperature cable is used to transmit high frequency signal in various of radio and microwave communication equipment.


Until now, ZTT’s radio cable online operation is over 485,000km, which has serviced about 460,000 base stations and adopted in more than 19,000 indoor distribution projects all over the world.

ZTT’s leaky coaxial cable has been widely used in 42 cities, 148 subway lines, winning the bids and supplying accumulated nearly 9,200 km, if all the lines running, can carry at least 3,200,000 passengers every hour, bringing great convenience to people's lives.
ZTT has passed the tests in many third laboratories, such as TLC&ROHS. We devote ourselves to offering safe and reliable products and quick and thoughtful service for our customers.


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