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HVAC Submarine Cable

HVAC submarine cables are widely used in the offshore connections further from shore or with higher transmitted power in the main application of offshore wind farm and interconnection.

ZTT is proficient in manufacturing the HVAC submarine cables for both three-core and single core types and has an average annual capacity of 500km. ZTT has been endeavoring in providing the best products and service by virtue of his prominent expertise.


Design & Construction

System voltage:



 Circular stranded copper or aluminum conductor constructed of round or profiled wires.

 Max. CSA 3000sq.mm


 Cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE)

Metallic Screen:

 30kV≤U≤66kV: Copper wire, lead alloy sheath

 U≥110kV: Lead alloy sheath

Radial water barrier:

 Semi-dry design: Laminated aluminum foil

 Dry design: Lead alloy sheath


 Three-core: Galvanized steel wire

 Single-core: Magnetic galvanized steel wire; Non-magnetic HD copper wire,stainless steel wire

Armor bedding & serving:

 Polypropylene roving


Reference Standards

IEC standards:

IEC 60840, IEC 62067

CENELEC Standards:

HD605 HD620

ICEA standards:

ICEA S 108-720

CIGRE recommendations:

CIGRE 490, CIGRE 623

Types & Purposes

  • For Oil & Gas

    -Power supply from onshore substation to offshore oil & gas platform

    -Connection between offshore oil & gas platforms

  • For interconnection

    -Interconnecting grids of countries

    -Power supply from mainland to isolated islands

  • For offshore wind farm

    -Inter array or infield cable to collect the power generated by offshore WTGs and transport to offshore substation or directly to onshore

    -Export cable to transport the total generated power from offshore substation to onshore substation


ZTT has the capability to manufacture long continuous length HVAC submarine cables without factory splices with the state-of-the-art VCV lines and vertical assembly lines and store the long length complete submarine cables with two big outdoor turntables to deliver in one segment without necessity of using offshore joint. Moreover, the rather short length (80m) for cable loading out to the vessel calling at the wharf greatly reduces the risk during the process.


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HVAC Submarine Cable