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ZTT Optical Communication Products Seminar Successfully Held in Lima, Peru

2014-8-3 0:00:00

Optical communication products Seminar was held by ZTT at the international business center in Lima, the capital of Peru, on May 7, 2013. Responsible persons were invited to this seminar from Perus major telecommunications companies, mobile operators, general contractors and some telecom departments of power companies. Over 60 people from more than 20 companies attended the seminar like TelefonicaNextel, Americate, Viettell, etc.

ZTT South America Regional Manager Wu Jianquan described development history and group profile of ZTT, technical director Chen Jianfei introduced ZTT products such as optic fiber, optical cable, ADSS and OPGW. He also carried out on-site technical communications by showing ADSS design and matching accessories.

Coastal areas in Peru are formed of deserts with no rains throughout the year. So a large amount of salt particles and dust are accumulated on the surface of cables and accessories, and this kind of pollution will bring electric corrosion to overhead optical cables, especially ADSS. Central Peru regions are formed of Andean plateau and mountains with high altitude of more than 5000m. Peru plans to build south-north optical cable lines and power transmission lines in this area across north and south during the next few years, so they concern a lot about the performance of ADSS and OPGW operated in high voltage, long span and heavy icing areas. Both ZTT “ultra-three-high” OPGW in Qinghai-Tibet Transmission Project and tracking resistant ADSS for heavy polluted areas have successfully operated in China, and also have solved technical challenges for overhead cables in extreme weather conditions, which is well recognized by our customers.

The success of this seminar also benefits from ZTT’s brand effect in Peru. Nearly 1000km ZTT OPGW has operated in Peru Power Grid, and ZTT ADSS has been applied to 220KV power transmission lines in Peru, with the longest span of 1500m, and has been running very well so far.

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