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Mongolia 80MW/200MWh Battery Energy Storage System EPC Project Launch

2022-8-5 18:02:55

On the 4th August, The Groundbreaking Ceremony of "Mongolian 80MW/200MWh Battery Energy Storage System "EPC project was held at the project site, which is highly valued by Mongolian government. Upon completion, the Project shall provide a solid guarantee for the smooth and stable operation of Mongolian power grid system, lay a reliable foundation for Mongolian power grid to absorb wind power, photovoltaics and other green energy in the future. It has come a long way and it is a great significance to promoting the development of green energy in Mongolia.

Mongolian Prime Minister Mr. L.Oyun-Erdene, Minister of Energy Mr. N.Tavinbekh, Members of Mongolian parliament, the CEO of National Dispatching Center Mr.B. Baljinnyam , ADB representatives and many more excellencies attended this ceremony. ZTT International President, Mr. Ye Zhifeng together with Mr. Che Bin, Director of EPC & Financing Solution Center and the project team participated in the ceremony. 

Along with the warm applause, the distinguished leaders and guests waved shovels together to lay the foundation, symbolizing the official launch of the "80MW/200MWh BESS EPC" project!

In this ceremony, the Prime Minister L.Oyun-Erdene expressed, "Mongolia is committed to achieving the global goal of carbon neutrality by 2050. Once this construction is put into operation, the Mongolia central power system will reach a whole new level."

Speaking is Minister of Energy N.Tavinbekh, "ZTT 200 MWh high-capacity rechargeable storage grid is a much-needed technology for Mongolia’s energy system that has never been seen before, this project can supply up to 80 MW of electricity to the integrated grid during peak loads and reduce Mongolia’s reliance on imported energy".

The main contractor of the project was selected through an international open tender, and a turnkey contract was signed with the joint consortium of China's Jiangsu Zhongtian Technology Co.,Ltd and Zhongtian Energy Storage Technology Co,.Ltd, and consulting services are provided by Germany RWE Technology International Gmb.

The project is the First Utility-Scale Energy Storage Project in Mongolia. The system has completely considered the extremely low temperature factor (-45℃),and the system has the characteristics of high integration, excellent safety performance and strong environmental adaptability. The adopted technical solution can effectively reduce the workload of on-site installation, commissioning and post-maintenance. As the general contractor of this project, we cooperated closely with our Chinese and Mongolian partners, made sufficient research and preparations for the site conditions and technical characteristics for the project. The project team will focus on the project construction goals thoroughly, make use of ZTT's accumulated technology and engineering experience in the field of energy storage over the years, efficiently promote the project construction, and make every effort to ensure that the project is completed in the soonest time. We will uphold the corporate culture of "Quality-based Dignity and Customer-oriented Service" to create this project into a world-class project. Mr. Ye Zhifeng, ZTT International President expressed in his speech.

Jiangsu Zhongtian Technology Co., Ltd.(ZTT) is active in the development, design, production, supply and installation on the four major fields, as in power, communication, new energy, and marine operations. .Since its establishment 30 years ago, ZTT has continued to provide customers with high-quality products and services. ZTT started the layout of large-scale energy storage products in 2013, along with the new era of energy structure and technology transformation, actively participate in the construction of the global energy and internet, strengthen the internal foundation, acquire external potential markets as well as optimize the power grid infrastructure and promote new energy construction along the "One Belt One Road". The products cover the whole process of power grid generator, transmission, distribution line and usage. ZTT is one of the earliest manufacturers and integrators in China to provide large-scale energy storage systems for provincial power grids. In terms of customer base, industrial chain layout, resource reserves, et cetera, it is in the first echelon in China and even in Asia. At present, ZTT has a completed photovoltaic power station, energy storage industry chain and service system.

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