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The ADB-302 20MW energy storage project in Pakistan was officially signed

2022-6-10 9:11:38

Recently, the ADB-302 20MW energy storage project funded by the Asian Development Bank of Pakistan, which was jointly won by ZTT and JSPDI, was officially signed. The project is the first grid side energy storage project tendered by NTDC of Pakistan National Grid, and it is also the first large-scale energy storage project of ZTT overseas.

The contracted project is located in jhimpir substation 90km east of Karachi, the largest city in Pakistan. It is constructed by ZTT in EPC mode. The latest generation of 1p rapid response energy storage system will be used to meet the frequency regulation and peak regulation requirements of Pakistan power grid.

As a pilot project for Pakistan to improve the proportion of stable energy and optimize the energy structure, it will not only further optimize the power grid structure in the region, improve the stable and safe operation level of the local power grid and improve the power utilization efficiency, but also have a positive impact on promoting the construction of local infrastructure and improving people's living standard.

In 2013, ZTT started the layout and R & D of large-scale energy storage products, covering the whole links of power grid generation, transmission, distribution and utilization. We have a professional product design, supporting large-scale energy storage power station engineering construction and operation and maintenance team, and are the first batch of large-scale grid side energy storage products to be included in the provincial scale power regulation scope of the power grid with full functions (including primary frequency modulation, agc/avc, network load interaction and black start) at the domestic power grid end.

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