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ZTT Supporting Winter Olympics with Green Power Supply Service

2022-2-16 18:10:18

The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics is being held. Behind this wonderful sports event,ZTT has participated in and undertaken a number of engineering construction. Meanwhile, according to the Olympic spirit, ZZTT encourages employees to participate in sports and promotes the sustainable development of enterprises.

Zhangbei flexible DC power grid test demonstration project is the world's first flexible DC power grid project, which can fully meet the annual power consumption demand of 100 million kwh of 26 Winter Olympic venues in Beijing, Yanqing and Zhangjiakou, and help the Winter Olympic venues realize 100% clean energy power supply. As the mainstream power infrastructure provider in China, ZTT undertook the research and development task of ± 535kv DC cable in this project. Over the past four years, ZTT team has overcome a number of key technologies, ensured the structural stability of large cross-section non compact profiled wire conductor through conductor innovation, and finally realized a breakthrough application, successfully enabling "the wind in Zhangbei to light the light of Beijing"

In terms of main works, ZTT has participated in the power supply supporting projects of important venues such as the national ski jumping Center - "xueruyi" of the Winter Olympic Games, Shougang ski jumping platform - "xuefeitian", the national speed skating Hall - "ice ribbon". After receiving the task, ZTT quickly formed a Winter Olympic cable support service team, formulated special supply measures, and made every effort to provide power cable products and services.

In the exhibition hall of Shijingshan Winter Olympic Organizing Committee and the conference center of the Olympic Organizing Committee, the new "intelligent parallel off grid" lithium battery emergency power supply independently developed and supplied by ZTT has ensured the continuous power supply of important loads of the Olympic Organizing Committee for nearly three years. On the one hand, the new 100kW / 220kwh energy storage system can be used as an emergency power support in case of power failure of the power grid. On the other hand, it can optimize the power consumption of the park through peak shaving and valley filling under normal conditions of the power grid, so as to provide a "green" guarantee for the logistics service of Shougang Winter Olympics.

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