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ZTT Pays Tribute to the Workers

2021-5-1 18:23:37

On the occasion of the International Workers' Day, Zhongtian Technology pays the highest respect to all workers and wishes everyone a happy holiday.

A few days ago, ZTT also received an extraordinary gift——the National May Day Labor Award of 2021.

The National May Day Labor Award was created by the All-China Federation of Trade Unions in recognition of advanced collectives who have got remarkable achievements in technological innovation, management innovation and system innovation and made outstanding contributions to economic construction and social development. It is one of the highest awards of the Chinese working class.

ZTT is rooted in the vast field of Jiang-Hai(Yangtze River-Yellow Sea) Plain, and the excellent genes of industrious and simple farming culture have been well passed down in Zhongtian. Being influenced by the entrepreneurial spirit of Zhang Jian, the ancient sage of Nantong, has laid a solid foundation for ZTT to serve the country by devoting itself to industry.

In the process of continuous development, ZTT has always adhered to the spirit of model workers and craftsmanship, and once won the honor of Pioneer of National Workers and the May Day Labor Award of Jiangsu Province. Furthermore, Xue Jiping, Chairman of ZTT Group, and Xue Chi, President of ZTT Group, were awarded the National Model Workers successively.In 2021, Zhongtian Technology Xue Chi Model Workers Innovation Studio was named as Jiangsu Demonstration Model Workers Innovation Studio,as well as Xue Chi was appointed as the head of Rudong Model Workers Publicity Group.

Xue Jiping often said that having a huge group of hard-working industrial workers is the foundation of our victory. We should provide stable expectations to employees and give reliable return to the society.


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