News >  CEIC2021: To Build Digital Expressway ZTT Brings Six Solutions to Suzhou

CEIC2021: To Build Digital Expressway ZTT Brings Six Solutions to Suzhou

2021-4-25 15:50:19

From April 22 to 23, 2021, The 23rd China Expressway Informatization Conference and Technical Product Exhibition (CEIC) was held in Suzhou. ZTT made its debut on the scene with six solutions, including Expressway Optical Cable Solution, Solution for Physical Facilities of Expressway Nodes and Expressway Monitoring System Solution, which won wide attention.

01 Intelligent Traffic Comprehensive Solution

With the development of expressway from electronic information to digital age, building intelligent road network and realizing the collaborative interconnection of people, vehicles and roads will become the main direction of the development of intelligent expressway. ZTT integrates internal resources such as optical network construction, intelligent operation and maintenance, as well as EPC, etc., and puts forward comprehensive solution including expressway optical cable, physical facilities of edge computing nodes in monitoring system, intelligent energy security system and EPC services for intelligent traffic construction, which helps the information construction of “safe traffic” and provides product and solution support for information construction such as “internet and supervision” system of traffic.

02 Expressway Optical Cable Solution

With the help of expressway traffic network to build communication network, the design scheme of laying communication optical cable in the pre-laid pipeline by air blowing or traction is put forward, which aimed at the built expressway. According to the planned new expressway, the integrated preset optical cable (PCD) laying scheme of pipeline and optical cable is proposed.

03 Expressway Monitoring System Solution

The products are equipped with corresponding intelligent monitoring terminals, which can be combined with the centralized management software platform to centrally monitor the running status of front-end equipment, handle faults in time, and solve the problem of missing monitoring videos. At the same time, the products have the interoperability of seamless docking with each subsystem and meet the modular combination characteristics of flexible expansion.

04 Solution for Physical Facilities of Expressway Edge Computing Nodes  

The integrated stand-alone cabinet exhibited in this exhibition includes several subsystems such as power distribution, refrigeration, cabinet and fire protection. It is a highly integrated micro-module product, whose all subsystems are managed in an overall way through the monitoring system. The product is suitable for small-scale scenarios, such as stations along the traffic line that need cabinet-level closed refrigeration, energy stations, smart parks, school computer rooms, small computer centers, edge node computer rooms, weak electricity rooms, central control rooms of buildings, financial outlets, community hospitals, etc.

05 Expressway Intelligent Energy Security System Solution 

Combined with the customization requirements of expressway ETC gantry system in various provinces, ZTT provides gantry cabinets and roadside cabinets. These products provide integrated housing function for gantry lane control machine, industrial switch, charging system PC and other equipment. At the same time, gantry equipment is provided with reliable power supply and standby. All the above functions ensure the reliable operation of key roadside production equipment, and provide a strong guarantee for expressway toll collection system.

06 Expressway EPC Services
As a service-oriented enterprise that provides design, construction and maintenance services for security and intelligent engineering, communication engineering, power engineering and architectural engineering, ZTT has completed hundreds of projects at home and abroad. The company always adheres to the core values of “Honorary Quality, Customer Oriented and Strivers Founded”, and takes “pursuing Excellence and satisfying customers” as its purpose, doing every project well with heart and striving for every fine product with actions.

ZTT adheres to the business objective of “being based on ‘one core and two drivers’,constructing a new pattern of ‘1+N multi-point support’ business development”. On the basis of information and communication, the service content covers the integrated business of value chain such as wireless communication, optical communication, consulting design of data center and terminal, product provision and project implementation.


Complying with the economic trend of “striving to peak carbon dioxide emissions by 2030 and achieving carbon neutrality by 2060”, ZTT focus on the improvement of energy-saving and low-carbon service capability of manufacturing industry, takes R&D innovation as the technology drive and manufacturing digitalization as the information drive, and penetrates green intelligence into every link of technological innovation.

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