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Pay tribute to the most beautiful woman on International Women's Day

2021-3-8 16:09:53

Today, we celebrate the 111th International Women's Day together. Various units of Zhongtian Technology Group carefully organized a series of celebrations for female employees to convey their concern and care for female compatriots, so that they can have a happy and meaningful holiday fully.
Focusing on the theme of "self-satisfaction", Zhongtian Communication Technology Co.,Ltd.(referred to as Zhongtian Communication,similarly hereinafter) interviewed female employees from different positions, especially two foreign female compatriots, who expounded their stories in this strange land. The family's care and the company's help made them feel the temperature of the city and ZTT.

Jiangdong Electronic Materials sent holiday blessings to the female employees struggling in the front line of production, thanking them for their persistence.

Zhongtian Engineering held oil painting experience activities with the theme of "Fragrance of Life" for female compatriots. I hope to improve our understanding of each other through art and enhance our artistic appreciation ability.

Zhongtian Smart Equipment "confesses" to the female employees who have worked in the company for more than 10 years, thanking them for their hard work in their posts and making the company better and better.

Zhongtian Industrial Wire & Cable System carried out health education lectures on "caring for women", to improve women's self-care awareness and promote women's physical and mental health.

Zhongtian Advanced Materials hold flower arranging activities to enrich everyone's hobbies, hoping that they will bloom as beautifully as flowers and live a brilliant life and show their graceful demeanor.

High-voltage Cable, Sichuan Tianfu and other companies paid tribute to female employees' dedication to the company by distributing holiday welfare red envelopes and flowers.

This series of activities enriched the spare time of female employees, made them feel the joy and happiness brought by festivals, and encouraged them to devote themselves to their work with fuller enthusiasm and the best working condition, so as to raise their aspirations and show their beauty, hold up the most beautiful "half the sky" in the production and operation of enterprises, and make new contributions to the high-quality development of the company.

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