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Zhongtian Fiber Optics is on the list of National Industrial Internet Demonstration Project

2021-2-25 18:49:16

Recently, Information and Communication Administration issued "Notice of General Office of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on Announcement of the List of Industrial Internet Pilot Demonstration Projects in 2020 [2021] No.7". Zhongtian Technology Fiber Optics Co., Ltd. (referred to as Zhongtian Fiber Optics), a subsidiary of Zhongtian Technology, was listed as the demonstration of integrated innovative application of logo analysis.

The application of Industry Internet logo analysis technology of Zhongtian Fiber Optics interconnects with industry enterprise nodes and national top-level nodes upwards, and accesses the whole logo analysis system. Then, it also connects with enterprise information systems downwards, providing stable logo registration and logo analysis service capabilities for upstream and downstream optical fiber enterprises. Effectively reducing the threshold of data sharing among enterprises, the application of the technology realizes the full flow, seamless integration and application of enterprise industrial big data.
The fusion of industrial Internet logo analysis enterprise node and integrated innovation application is a necessary prerequisite to effectively promote the innovation of business model and realize the extension of service value chain.

Combining with logo analysis and industrial Internet platform, Jiangsu Zhongtian Internet Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as Zhongtian Internet) has built a "bar-fiber-cable" intelligent collaborative platform for Zhongtian Fiber Optics, with the core concept of "one thing, one yard, one yard to the end", giving unique identification codes to materials, equipment and personnel, and collecting data to the industrial Internet platform through MES system, so as to uniformly control the data of bar and fiber cables.
Zhongtian Internet is a professional leading service provider of logo analysis application in China, which has built and operated the first secondary node that successfully connects top-level nodes upwards in China. In the meantime, Zhongtian Internet is regarded as an important construction unit of national recursive nodes and the first operating enterprise to participate in disaster recovery nodes in China, whose experience in the construction and operation of secondary nodes is rich, and all operational indicators of industrial Internet logo are in the leading position in China.
Zhongtian Internet will continue to help the ecological improvement of the industrial Internet logo industry, set a benchmark for the development of the national logo analysis system, and make positive contributions to promoting industrial transformation and upgrading and high-quality economic development.

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