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ZTT photovoltaic goes forward with IKEA ushering in ZTT’s photovoltaic leaping-over development

2015-4-17 0:00:00

Mr. Xue Rugen, General Manager of Zhongtian Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd (hereinafter refer to ZTT photovoltaic) installed the first photovoltaic modules together with Mr. WieslawMotylinski, director of IKEA Environmental Wood (Nantong) Co., Ltd (hereinafter refer to IKEA Nantong) on roof of IKEA’s plant at 10:00 am on April 14, 2015. This project marks official set up of IKEA’s distributed photovoltaic power project.

IKEA Nantong is the first manufacture enterprise invested in China by IKEA Group in Sweden which is the biggest home furniture supplier. This project is IKEA’s first attempt in China. Highly recognized to ZTT’s brand and competition in market, IKEA chose ZTT. ZTT photovoltaic would focus more on this cooperation and try best to finish this “Precision Project” based on IKEA’s strict and regulated management.

ZTT constructed 150MW-distributed-photovoltaic project in Nantong economic and technology zone which is top ranked beyond 18 national demonstration areas.

Win-Win co-operation with IKEA, ZTT achieves perfect start for the consociation with well-known foreign company and ushering in ZTT’s photovoltaic leaping-over development.

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