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EPC Service

Based on the ability of precision manufacturing for years, we extended our service to client. ZTT is specializing in providing EPC(Engineering, Procurement and Construction), EPC+F, or BOO/BOT solution of overhead transmission and transformation projects, underground cable projects, submarine cable projects, telecom cable projects and solar farm projects.


Product Chain

ZTT has full products chain to support our EPC project, which makes us has better ability to control the products cost, quality, and delivery time, etc. ZTT has strong financing channel in China with full experience of financing, established stable cooperation relationship with Sinosure, banks and funds. We are glad to provide financing solution for our customer & partner.


ZTT has built professional team for EPC work. We have our own engineering and construction company, we also signed strategy cooperation agreement with JSPDI to work together for HV system engineering work. During past years, we have completed nos. of projects inside and outside of China.


Undertaking Business

Photovoltaic Grid Power Station and is also called “Photovoltaic Farm”, which is a power generating system through the transition of system balance equipment(BOS) by installing solar module array in desert or barren earth surface on a large scale or by installing BIPV photovoltaic module on city buildings’ outer surface.

Photovoltaic Grid-off Power Station and is also called “Solar Energy Independent Photovoltaic Power Station”, which means that during the day time, photovoltaic system generates electricity through solar energy and stores spare electric energy in energy storage equipment; when at night or there is no light, the power supply load is provided by energy storage equipment.

BIPV namely building integration photovoltaic, which means building and photovoltaic power generation is integrated, and takes photovoltaic array as part of the building and the laying as the outer protection structure of the building and then it generates electricity. BIPV photovoltaic module is a building material that belongs to solar energy photovoltaic module and it has reliable power generating capacity at the same time.

BAPV is a combination of photovoltaic array and building, the photovoltaic array is attached to the building, the building is the supporter of the photovoltaic array and performs the supporting function. The characteristics if BAPV is similar to BIPV. Photovoltaic array is laid on the building without additional land and it also serves as the heat-barrier material , which meets energy-saving requirements. BAPV system is mainly used on the surface of the buildings.

Innovative Application: Wind-Photovoltaic-Storage Complementary Micro Power Grid Power System is a micro power grid power station of multiple forms of energy like photovoltaic, wind power, storage energy and so on.


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◆ Solar Floor and Roof Photovoltaic Project Planning, Design and Installation

◆ Complete one-stop Service of Large Floor and Roof Projects

◆ Distribution Supply of Photovoltaic Products

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◆ Strategic Investment in the Field of Photovoltaic Technology

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