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Light the Frame of Life - ZTT Launched a "Voluntary Blood Donation, Pass the Love" Activity

2018-7-4 17:02:44

Recently, the subsidiaries of ZTT including ZTT RF, ZTT Submarine Cable, ZTT Cable Accessories, ZTT SRIM, ZTT Alloy and other brother units jointly launched the activity of "Voluntary Blood Donation, Pass the Love", which attracted the staff and more than 70 employees voluntarily donated blood.


A new employee from ZTT RF said that although he donated blood for the first time, he did not feel especially nervous but was more excited. He had sought to make a contribution to the social medical system but did not meet an opportunity. Fortunately, he knew the activity carried out by the company and unhesitatingly signed up for the blood donation, hoping to provide some help for patients.


In the certification area, employees after donating blood received their red certificates of blood donation and they were proud with smile on their faces.

Passing the love and giving a hand to support the public welfare of blood donation reflects the spirit of ZTT People’s readiness to help others and selfless dedication, but also carries forward the lofty thought of contributing to society with real dedication. Since its establishment, ZTT has always regarded the social responsibility as the primary responsibility of the company. In addition to voluntary blood donation, ZTT has also been committed to poverty alleviation, donation to help develop education, environmental protection and other public welfare undertakings, and established the "ZTT Love Fund" with a total donation of more than 100 million yuan.