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ZTT Love Fund: Helping to Support a Family

2017-6-29 16:43:29

What does it mean for a family to have a child with cerebral paralysis?It means the whole family must bear the mental pressure and economic burden that ordinary people cannot imagine; It means that his/her parents will have to work harder with more perspiration, patience and painstaking effort than raising a normal child.

Some time ago, Cheng Peng, an employee of ZTT was often out of form at work, which caused the attention of Zhu Lijuan, director of the testing room and engineer of ZTT Spirit Home. She found Cheng Peng was in a low mood and spiritless with his job. Remembering Cheng Peng often asked for leave as his child had fever, she instinctively thought something must have happened to his family and then had a talk with him.

Zhu Lijuan was surprised and sympathetic when she learned Cheng Peng had a child with cerebral paralysis and the child was often sick and was having received treatment for more than two years relying on rehabilitation and drug maintenance, so he had to bear a heavy burden of medical expenses, what's worse, his wife was overwhelmed and left, Cheng Peng felt more at a loss. She then reported it to the leader of ZTT.


The company immediately asked the deputy chief engineer and Spirit Home engineers to collect relevant information and apply for love fund for Cheng Peng. Through Zhu Lijuan's communications with Cheng Peng's wife, she returned to home.

Recently, the engineers of Spirit Home of ZTT made a home visit and handed over 15,000 yuan donated by the Love Fund to Cheng Peng. Besides, Cheng Peng’s wife was arranged to work in the ZTT testing room. ZTT is full of love and love is priceless. ZTT Love Fund has listed Cheng Peng as a key object to be helped and will give him long-term assistance.

Cheng Peng has an unfortunate life, but he is lucky as he has parents who quietly support and pay and a wife who is willing to share happiness and sorrow with him. More luckily, he is closely supported by the ZTT family. Currently Cheng Peng’s wife is nurturing another new life. Although the illness of the elder son is still the greatest pain in his heart, he expressed that he will fight against the fate and believes everything will change.