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Spreading Love, Inheriting Civilization, Repaying Society, Perfecting Self - A Report on "ZTT Submarine Caring for the Elderly"

2016-12-28 16:21:43

Respecting, loving and helping the old is a traditional virtue of the Chinese nation. Caring for the elderly is also an important measure for ZTT Submarine to perform its social responsibility. In the morning on December 23, ZTT Submarine Spirit Home team organized 35 employees to enter the elderly apartment and care the old people, which has enriched their spiritual and cultural life and makes them feel the warmth of the social family.



Cleaning Rooms for the Elderly




Playing Games Together




Visiting the Special-care Old People


Talking with the Old Party Members of the Nursing Home: Recalling and Telling Stories in the Past

Liu Shuanghua, an employee of ZTT Submarine, said he appreciated the company for organizing such public welfare activity, which reflected the social responsibility of the company, but also gave him a great touch. We should care for the elderly around us and carry forward the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation. This event inspired him to work hard to improve his own quality and contribute to the society.

Guo Wei, engineer of ZTT Submarine Spirit Home team, expressed that ZTT Submarine has always attached great importance to the construction of employees' ideological and moral qualities. ZTT is the largest manufacturing enterprise in Nantong, mainly engaged in the manufacture of telecom, smart grid and new energy products. As planned, ZTT will reach an annual sales revenue of 60 billion yuan in 2025 and should undertake more social responsibilities. Respecting and loving the elderly is a traditional virtue of the Chinese nation. ZTT organizes employees to enter the nursing homes enriching the spiritual and cultural life of old people, and hoping more employees can care and love the elderly through this activity and continuously improve their own ideological quality.

A good business shall be composed of high-quality employees. By continuously improving the quality of employees, the company can accelerate the realization of the "World-Class Brand, Centennial ZTT" vision to make great contributions to the society.