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ZTT International Cares about Employees with the Deepest and Silent Love

2017-11-17 18:35:02

Recently, the General Manager Office of ZTT International released a love donation proposal to all departments, in which the news that Xiong Jie, marketer in Latin America, suffered from lymphoma immediately tightly affected the hearts of each employee of ZTT International.

Xue Xiaoyan, chairman of Labor Union of ZTT International, made a detailed record of each donation, "Only a few minutes after the proposal was issued, I have received a lot of donations from our colleagues and the first donation was from General Manager Ye Zhifeng. I was moved for many times. For example, the persons participating in the donation include the colleagues who have left the company and those who have been transferred from ZTT International to other subsidiaries, including ZTT Brazil, ZTT Yadong and even some business partners. What's more, the management of the company takes full participation in it. General Manager Qu Zhi and Shi Minquan donated 5,000 yuan respectively. Wu Jianquan, regional manager of Latin American and works in Chile, donated 4000 yuan in the first time. What impressed me the most was Quan Shichao, a young employee from the Northeast and works in ZTT Submarine, donated 600 yuan on the first day and donated 400 yuan on the next day. He said he would like to give help as much as possible."

Wu Jianquan, regional manager of ZTT International in Latin America, said, "As a regional manager, I should not overplay the pains of marketers, but as a brother, I have to say that Xiong Jie has gone through hardships. Bolivia is the poorest country in Latin America with the harshest conditions and the highest altitude (an average altitude of over 3,000 meters) in the world. In 2016, Xiong Jie obeyed the arrangement and took over the Ecuadorian market, meanwhile he started to open up a new market in Bolivia. Enduring an intense altitude sickness, he worked in Bolivia for more than five months in 2016 and successfully opened the business with the state-owned power company ENDE in Bolivia. As a newcomer to the market, Xiong Jie created nearly $5 million in sales for the department in 2016. I know he worked hard, but I can't be reassured from it. For example, during his work in Bolivia, he often moved to different cities to visit customers and to different warehouses to coordinate with local companies on arrival inspections. In addition, he often worked until one or two o'clock in the morning due to the time differences between China and Bolivia." Wu Jianquan expected Xiong Jie would have a better future apart from the affirmation of his contributions, "After diagnosis, Xiong Jie continued to work with the department. He is a strong and optimistic young man and can do everything.

Some people is like spring flower or winter snow, and seems to have less opportunity to benefit others, but because of him, the scenery of life is beautiful." Tang Chunqiu, an employee who entered the CIS market at the same time as Xiong Jie, said, "He is a versatile person. He can repair computers, mobile phones, carry heavy objects... and everything as long as you think of. He is also an optimistic person and will come as soon as possible when you need his help. We think Xiong Jie is a pure good person. As his good friend, I can't recall what great things he did for me, but I always asked him to help me with little things. He never refused anyone of the department if they asked him for help." Tang Chunqiu said Xiong Jie did not want to disclose his illness in the company, because this simple and kind boy felt he was not up to such donation. "He has always been such a person who takes it for granted to help others but will reflect on what he has done for others when he accepts benevolence from others. However, we are family of ZTT, which used to be, is now, and will be."

Chen Jianfei, manager of ZTT International Department, said, "We welcome Xiong Jie to return to our technical department at any time if it is not suitable for him to work in the market after he recovers. In 2014, Xiong Jie entered ZTT International and first worked in the Technology Department. He left a deep impression on me. Shortly after his arrival, I arranged him to participate in the quality system audit of ZTT Group. He had no experience in quality system audit before but was actively involved in it. He started from the beginning and learned a lot. We finally won the first place of the Quality System Audit Division through the efforts of everyone including him." Chen Jianfei said that Xiong Jie was awarded the bonus after they won the first place in the Quality System Audit Division. "I remember Xiong Jie was very happy for receiving the bonus of 2,000 yuan. He told me that he would buy a mobile phone for his father with this bonus. At that time, I didn't know his father has been in poor health for a long time. I appreciate the simplicity and sensibility of this young man." Chen Jianfei said that Xiong Jie has many merits. The excellence of a person is obvious to all. When he was transfered from Technology Department to Market Department, the departments in three regions intended to invite him to join. He told me he wanted to rise to challenges from a new market and improved his second language ability, so he chose to work in Latin America and went to Bolivia. Now he has made some initial results as he wished. Seek benevolence and get benevolence. I hope he quickly recovers from the illness."

Xue Xiaoyan, chairman of Labor Union of ZTT International said, "As of 10:00 am on October 26, 2017, we have received a total of 130,606 yuan of donations from 280 persons. We have handed over the donations to Xiong Jie and will continue to do our best to help him. Actually, what we can do is very limited, but we hope we can bring Xiong Jie unlimited love and care and let him feel the support and warmth of the ZTT family."

The sky is endless and the land is boundless. The place of peace is the home. ZTT is always the home and ZTT people are always family of Xiong Jie. Don't worry about the rugged road ahead, you should whip high in the sky. We hope Xiong Jie will recover with the support and blessings of the ZTT family and return to ZTT family as soon as possible.