Submarine Cable

In 1999 ZTT started his new business on submarine cable with his vast experience on cabling and wiring. Since that, accompanying with his precise R&D and world class manufacturing facilities , ZTT thus earned the “Pioneer” in Chinese submarine cable manufacturing history, and is also by far the largest and most comprehensive manufacturing base for submarine cable in ASIA. It produces MVAC, HVAC,HVDC Submarine Power or Composite Cable, as well as Submarine Fiber Optic Cable.


With heritage knowledge of fiber optic from ZTT, extensive research and analysis was carried out on cable mechanic performance with stimulated installation process. Soon, we developed our own technology for submarine fiber optic cable manufacturing. With the exception of traditional telecommunication operator market, ZTT submarine fiber optic cable has been supplied globally and widely used for oil & gas, seismic and oceanographic survey system.


Adding knowledge on cable mechanical performance and expert installation, together with matured technology of XLPE insulation extrusion, advance manufacturing facilities and super clean compound from international acclaimed supplier; ZTTSC was soon accepted by local and international market for supply of submarine power and composite cable to oil & gas, electric grid companies, and offshore renewable industry as well.

Riding the benefits of the 2010 boom and offshore green energy demand, ZTT escalated its expansion plan and built the gigantic cable processing tower with state-to-art VCV lines; new cabling and armoring lines and set up a huge multiple turntables and expanded our exclusive wharf to suit international berthing vessel. HVAC, HVDC and other customized multiple function submarine cable was also developed and delivered by then.


ZTT contribution to the submarine cable system in China can be found in all industries, which includes: offshore oil & gas, offshore green energy, submarine telecommunication system, seismic and oceanographic survey system. In China, ZTT is famed for being:


 ● First to obtain UJ certificate for submarine FO cable for repeater system

  First to obtain UQJ certificate for submarine FO cable for unrepeater system

  First to supply 3 phase, HVAC submarine cable

  First to supply ± 210kV DC submarine cable

  Biggest supplier to international market


ZTT plays more than just a significant role in the local market, together with other star development of China heavy industry; both contributes to the world an economical and yet stable solution of submarine cable system.

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Submarine Cable