MV Submarine Cable

ZTT is an experienced and reliable manufacturer and supplier of power cable. It forms about 4,000 kilometers of medium voltage (hereafter called MV) power cables annual output and becomes a professional company and satisfies different customers’ requirements with quickest delivery time.

Reference Standards

ZTT has been qualified by the ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001 system successfully. The whole quality assurance system covers the design and engineering, raw material selection, manufacturing, FAT, load out and also the service for site testing and maintenance.
The submarine power cable has been qualified by different kinds of Reports and certificates according to IEC, ICEA, CIGRE standards: e.g. KEMA type test report, Type test report issued by SECRI in Shanghai, DNV, BV, SGS inspection report, etc.


ZTT also has been qualified by some worldwide famous clients with the continuous development: e.g. Qatar Petroleum, Fluor, Nooc, Saudi Aramco, etc.

Workshop Capability

● 3 Cabling & Armoring line



● 15 turntable

● 13 dug-in storage pool

● 2 turntables with 12,000 Tonnes capacity for completed cable storage

● One comprehensive test center covering material, electrical, and mechanical testing

● 7 test rooms located inside the workshop

● Annual capacity: More than1000km

Internal Wharf capability

Kilometers of submarine cable weighs much in weight tonnage even just for a single run. The challenge is always there for taking delivery. ZTT possess own harbor and lifting crane. With cable trays running 80meter from the factory or storage spools/ turntable and straight into the waiting vessel. Loading has never been time consuming. The harbor depth can receives vessel of up to 10000ton and slip right out into the international water or Shanghai International harbor; one of the biggest and busiest harbor in the world; with floating crane of more than 1000ton loading capacity, a favorite transshipment port.
ZTT wharf is also an international open wharf, so transportation vessel or installation vessel with foreign flag can directly pick up cable from ZTT wharf.

Offshore service

ZTT has a team of dedicated and highly experienced; qualified working engineers for on-site service; including installation, supervision, accessory assembly, emergency repair, commissioning testing etc.

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MV Submarine Cable