Submarine FO cable

Submarine Optical Fiber Cables are designed for both the repeater and non-repeater systems, and widely used in telecom industry, offshore oil and gas industry, ocean observation network.
With around 20 years’ manufacturing experience, over 5000km ZTT submarine optical fiber cables are installed over the world.

Design & Construction

●Up to 8000m design water depth

●Seamless welded stainless steel tube with fiber jelly

●On-line fiber excess control

●Galvanized steel wires armoring

●Outer PE or PP-yarn protection

Reference Standards

●IEC 60793 & 60794 series

●ITU-T G.652D, G.654, G.655, G.971~978

●EIA/TIA 598

Types & Purposes

Typical structure of SOFC (S17- for Repeater System)

Typical structure of SOFC (Q10- for Unrepeater System)

Qualification & Certificates

ZTT has been qualified by the ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001 system successfully. The whole quality assurance system covers the design and engineering, raw material selection, manufacturing, FAT, load out and also the service for site testing and maintenance.

ZTT submarine optical fiber cable has been qualified as per the complete IEC and ITU test standards witnessed and certified by worldwide famous third-parties, like DNV, GL, BV, SGS, etc.

ZTT has also been qualified by some worldwide famous clients and contractors with the continuous development: e.g. Qatar Petroleum, Saudi Aramco, Saipem, Mcdermott, Technip, NPCC, etc.


ZTT is proud to contribute to the industry by:
-the first to be UJ and UQJ qualified by UJ consortium from China
-the largest manufacturing plant from China
-the first to export submarine optical fiber cables to North America, Europe, Middle East and ASEAN

Representative Projects

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Submarine FO cable